This is Monmouth the fish creature! He’s a critter who loves to travel and sight see. He’s been to the rocky shores of Innsmouth, the beaches of Amity Island and the murky waters of the Black Lagoon, to the swampy Louisiana Holland laboratory ( what’s left of it)  and the beautiful waters of Camp Crystal Lake. Monmouth has seen some crazy stuff! He loves to spend his time lightly brushing the feet of fearful swimmers and blowing bubbles to creep them out as well. Monmouth loves a good fried catfish!

This doll is handmade using cast urethane from original sculptures, a hand sewn faux fur and fleece body. This doll is not articulated, it is a floppy style doll stuffed with polyfill with his body and paws weighted to give a realistic heft.

Monmouths necklace is made from fish bones, shells, pewter beads and a glass bottle filled with amethyst chunks and more shells.

12” tall seated.


As with all of my original dolls, this piece will come with a signed and dated etched wooden tag marking it as one of my one of a kind critters.

This is a piece of artwork intended for adult collectors. It can be played with and cuddled a little but please treat it with care to prevent scuffs. Clean any cast parts with a slightly damp cloth, do not use solvents. Fur can be combed and styled if desired.


I do not take on commissioned work. Please be sure to read all of my shop’s policy/FAQ page before you buy. By buying from my store you agree to comply with all store policies.

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x-ray of a man’s healthy neck vertebrae

x-ray of a man’s healthy neck vertebrae

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This is my absolute favorite short film, “The Backwater Gospel”. Yet another thing that has had a major influence on my art. 

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One of my absolute favorite animations ever. I first watched it years and years ago, back in middle school, and it’s still one of the best things I have ever watched. 

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Belgium-based street artist ROA (previously featured here) recently spent some time in Djerba, Tunisia where he participated in the Djerbahood project, an open-air museum project featuring the work of hundreds of artists from thirty different nationalities, all organized by Galerie Itinerrance. ROA made wonderful use of the city’s numerous domed buildings to create fantastic creatures in his signature monochromatic style.

Visit the Djerbahood website to check out many more pieces from this awesome project.

[via StreetArtNews]

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Writing that Creepypasta was so much fun! I know it was kind of unoriginal, being a “Holders” Pasta and using a lot of elements usually found in the series, but I enjoyed coming up with the original ideas, like the specifics of the hallway, the desert, the glass of water, and the woman. Fun fact: I didn’t know what what the object would be, or the question that would be asked, until near the end of writing.  

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The Holder of Heat (An original “Holders” Creepypasta by Milo JR)

In any city, in any country, go to the nearest hospital you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask the clerk if you can see one who calls herself the Holder of Heat. If a look of complete and utter shock passes over the clerk’s face, then you’ll know that what you’re seeking is here.

The clerk will lead you into the substructure of the hospital, deep underground. Finally, the clerk will stop, unlock a door labeled “Boiler Room”, and usher you inside. Thank them politely as you step inside. Once you are in, the clerk will close the door, and lock it. There is no turning back now.

You will find yourself in a long, dimly lit hallway. It will be uncomfortably hot, and you will hear the hiss of steam from unseen pipes and bellows. Proceed down the hallway with utmost caution.

If at any time the heat dissipates, stop in your tracks, and cry out in a confident voice, “I was not bothered! Please continue!” If the chill persists, fall to your knees and pray to any deity you choose that your death will a swift one.

If the heat returns, continue down the hall until you reach a solid metal door at the end. The handle will be scorching hot, but open it anyway and step through, quietly closing the door behind you.

You will now be in a vast desert that seems to go on forever in all directions. A few feet in front of you will be a table, and on the table, a glass of water.

Do not drink the water. Your parched throat will beg you to, but the water is tainted with poison, and if you take even a small sip, you will suffer unbearable agony for the rest of your days. Instead, take your left index finger, and push the cup over so that the water spills out. Now look up.

In front of you will appear a woman, bald, clothed in a long, simple, but brightly colored strapless dress, with skin as dark as a starless night. She is not a particularly beautiful woman, but her mere presence will fill you will indescribable awe. 

If you can still find your voice, ask her “Where will I be when they all come together?” She will not answer you, because, as you now realize, she has no mouth. Instead, she will undo the sash around her waist, allowing the dress to fall to the ground, leaving her completely naked. 

She will walk to you, and her grace will almost bring you to tears. Hold completely still as she wraps the sash around your waist. Thank her in your politest voice, and close your eyes. In a few moments, you will open your eyes to find yourself in your childhood bedroom.

This sash is object 138 of 538. You will now be impervious to both heat and cold, but they must never come together. 


screaming skulls by sanskarans 


screaming skulls by sanskarans 

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